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                  Organizing for Social Justice 

   The mission of the Minnesota Tenants Union is two-fold: 

1) To advance community awareness that all persons have a fundamental, inalienable right (not dependent upon economic standing or marketplace purchase power) to safe, decent, stable, and affordable housing and 

2) To promote the implementation of that human right in the housing marketplace as experienced by low-income tenants every day. 

       The Minnesota Tenants Union REOSATCA 

                   Response to Social Injustice:

    A key component of social justice is the right of all persons to safe, decent, stable, and affordable housing. The current housing marketplace and a set of inter-related and mutually reinforcing social, political, and economic institutions (the status quo) denies that right and works to block, thwart, and divert those who advocate it. 

    The MTU challenges the unjust status quo and promotes social justice through its commitment and programmatic efforts to Reachout, Educate, Organize, Strategiize, Advocate, and Take Collective Action (REOSATCA). 

Decent, Affordable Housing for All: 

The Fundamental Human Right 

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                        Human rights 


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